5 Things To Shake Off the Blahs Right Now

When you feel better, you look better, and sometimes feeling good doesn’t come easy. Here are five things you can do right now to boost wellness and perk yourself up. 

tangerine juice

Fresh Juice

My friend Anthony just gave me his nearly new blender (equipment impulse buy?). Anyway his timing was perfect and I love it. Right now I’m buying a bag of meikan every day and blending them for super fresh and yummy tangerine juice. There’s nothing like freshly made juice… it’s good for everything and just tastes like liquid magic.



Oh how I love my ofuro (Japanese tub room). It’s like having my own personal spa. I crank on the hot water in the tub and shut the watertight door and let it get super steamy. Then I live in there until I can’t take it. My skin feels so clean and detoxed… pretty fantastic. It’s also a good time for a hair mask, face mask, foot scrub… or just stare at the floor. Also lovely.

ice mist

Ice Water

To refresh after the steam, cold compresses around the eyes, or a ice-cold face wrap is also pretty amazing. It depuffs and reduces redness and wakes up your skin in a HELLOHILET’SDOTHIS kind of way. I like it. I want to try this mist from Skin Food (cool Korean brand)… gonna get it here


We all talk about it, but the importance of getting enough sleep cannot be stressed enough. If I don’t sleep I’m a disaster, so if life isn’t going well, AND I don’t sleep, really I shouldn’t leave the house. Even a twenty-minute cap nap powers me up a bit– if I go longer than forty I get groggy. 

shoulder stand pose

image courtesy of the


When you’re low energy or fighting a cold, the last thing you feel like doing is working out. But doing some light yoga and stretching everything out increases circulation and works out any muscle funk you might have going on. Right now I’m busting out my yoga mat daily, and believe me it helps. My favorite pose right now is Sarvangasana (the shoulder-stand pose). It feels like I’m shaking everything upside down inside and makes my spine feel so relaxed afterward. It’s a goodie.

If you have tips on feeling better, let me know in the comments below, or head over to my Facebook page and shoot me some links. I’m all ears. 







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