So, yeah.

About me pages are kind of weird. What can I tell you?

I kind of fell into this. Flashback eight years ago. Random day. U.C. Berkeley. I was heading to class when I was approached by this striking redhead–a producer for a  major magazine. She asked if I’d be interested in going to a casting call. No makeup, dressed like crap– I half-wondered if she was making fun of me. But she wasn’t, so I went, and I was picked. As soon as the magazine hit I was able to get an agent and start working almost immediately all over California, but mostly in San Francisco, where, I lived for most of my life.

staring contest

Now I live in Tokyo, doing all the things I love: modeling, traveling,  and writing. Pretty much the best life ever.

Tokyo Ramen Show


at the office

I fell down the beauty product rabbit hole about ten years ago, when I was working as a writer for a San Francisco cosmetics company. I worked with some industry heavy hitters, learning the ins and outs of formulas and active ingredients, and how to separate the real deals from the hype– and I’ve been hooked ever since. More recently, I’ve written for Refinery 29 and Savvy Tokyo, among others.  

One more thing…








And candy. Preferably cute Japanese candy. It's a bit of a problem...


I eat candy. Preferably cute Japanese candy. It’s a bit of a problem…



  • Antuo

    Hy Cynthia,

    I am about to move to Kyoto for 1 year to study Japanese (I studied Japanese at University in my country) and I would really appreciate if you could write something about ‘how to survive in a new country’ such as cultural shock, what to expect from starting a new life completely alone in a different country and a hole different culture (I live in Europe so I will probably have difficulties in adapting), how to make Japanese friends (silly right?) etc.

    Thank you so much, all the best 🙂

    • CynthPop

      First off, congratulations! Yeah culture shock is intensified coming over alone- it surprised me actually. What a great idea for a post…thank you and stay tuned!

  • Dear Cynthia,
    Hello beautiful! Thank you so much for writing up the wonderful guides to Modeling & all your positivity! ^^ I’m taking your advice & started to put a site together. You’re a true inspiration! Thank you, sempai. ^^
    If you’ve a chance, I’d absolutely love to meet up in person at your convenience. Seeing that we’re both teachers of W. Coast persuasion in Tokyo & interested in arts & modeling, I thought we might have a few things to chat & smile about.
    Cheers & bests,


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