Acting Basics: 5 Tips for the Dry Season

Often during the holidays, things slow down for actors and models. Holiday campaigns were shot months ago and everyone is wrapping up the past year and prepping schedules for the next one. So what do savvy actors and models do with their free time?

They keep hustling. Don’t relax just yet. If you have a few weeks of downtime, here are some things your business needs to keep rolling for the New Year.


  • Networking: Social media isn’t just about putting yourself out there, it’s about joining the conversation. Don’t just post- take the time to see what your fellow models and actors are up to, and comment! We’re always looking for feedback. Be positive and engage in the community you’re a part of. 
  • Workshop: You’re always learning in this business. Improv, photography, audition prep, stage work, scene study: there are so many classes you can check out to grow your toolbox and continue to grow as a creative. Check out your local casting agencies to see what’s going on in your area. Then sign up and go for it! 

modeling range

  • Makeovers: How’s your portfolio looking? Does your blog need a clean up? What about your look—is it time for an update? If you’re doing a lot of print modeling, making a drastic change to your look can be tough, but perhaps a revved up hair color or some skin maintenance is just the trick to get things rolling.

purple crazy

Purple wig + spray paint… why not?

  • Creative Time: Now is the perfect time to get a little weird. Team up with photographers to experiment with new visual stories. Do a 24 hour film festival. Get together with your video friends and do something interesting for YouTube. Taking some creative play time is essential for staying active in this business… otherwise, it can just become another job. Collaborating on passion projects helps you find new ways of working in your professional life. 
  • Say Thank You: The days of the cheesy e-cards are long gone. Cool sites like paperless post make sending elegant thank you cards easy and tree-friendly. Saying thanks to your agents, the MUAs and production folks you’ve worked with during the year is a nice touch and reminds people of how fun your are to work with. It’s just a nice thing to do, and not many do it.

Remember to balance that hustle with a little time to do nothing. Read a new book. Try something totally new, just for fun. And spend time with the people who mean the most to you. This business runs in fits and starts, so when you’re crazy busy again, you’ll be glad you took a little time to prep and have some fun.

Break a leg!


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