Skin Destiny: At-Home Microdermabrasion

I’ve been thinking about getting a microderm unit for years. I put it off in San Francisco because I had a long, loyal affair with my esthetician, Julia (who is amazing if you live in SF, BTW…). Anyway she did it all so I didn’t really need an at-home rig.


But– Japan apparently isn’t big on microderm. In fact I’ve seen just about every other beauty device under the sun except MD machines, and spas don’t seem to offer it. Heck, even finding a facial scrub is pretty close to impossible. With exfoliation being so important, you’ve got to wonder what the femmes here are using to remove dead skin, right? Well, they do dermal planing. And they have these little fingertip scrubbie thingies (yeah I’m going to get some… they’re weird and possibly cool.)


But anyway, that’s a different post. Back to my story.

One of the benefits to living in a transient foreign community is that people are ALWAYS getting rid of stuff that’s pretty much brand new. A fellow expat Kiwi girl is heading home in about a week… she knows my sickness for skincare.

“My microderm is way to heavy for my bag. You want it?”

[Head explodes. Flash dreams of shiny happy pores and dewy spring skin race in front of my eyes.]

“Yes. Yes I do.” It’s like I have the power to will things into my life now. DESTINY.

Anyway—this thing is the bomb.

1) it has diamond-encrusted heads with adjustable suction


2) it has nine different tips and three wands for every skin surface, from elbows to around your nose

3) it’s super easy to use—plug and play


I’ve used it about three times and finish with the TNS Cermide Treatment Cream and I can tell you—it’s  major game changer. I have olive skin, so I’m prone to hyperpigmentation. Spots are fading, and fine lines are freaking gone. I mean GONE.

If I didn’t get this one… I was checking out the PMD unit—this one gets great reviews from the bloggers, it’s hand held, and at under 200 bucks is a steal (considering what a single spa visits goes for…)

I’m getting ready for a fresh look for Spring and microderm-ing regularly is now in my life for good. Add some caramel highlights, long lashes, and super nude makeup and I’ll should be good-to-go for sunny weather.

Here’s to fresh faces and Spring beauty!






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