Barbie Eyeballs? Say Hi to Circle Lenses, Just $11.90

Check out this model and tell me what you see.



For those of you who don’t know, this is Valeria Lukyanova, a Ukrainian model, known as “the human Barbie Doll.”  Aside from having insane amounts of plastic surgery before age 21, Valeria is best known for her adroit use of the circle lenses.

Circle lenses are colored contacts that extend beyond the normal iris to give a doe-eyed, doll-like look. While I think Valeria looks completely unreal, I do think these lenses would be super fun for a photo shoot or bizarro viral ad… or just for freaking out your co-workers. I’m going to try them for a beauty shoot!

geo angel_edge_blue circle lens

Walk into the office with sunglasses on, complaining that your eyes hurt from the computer, then take off your shades and scare your cube-mates. They come in all colors and patterns.

pinky circles

I have dark eyes and think the black ones would be creepy and cool. Pinky Paradise is the  site where you can get ’em. Have fun!



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