Tokyo Drugstore Pit Stop: The Best Japanese Makeup

It’s no shocker that Japan rocks the house when it comes to getting pretty. Every corner has a drugstore stocked floor-to-ceiling with makeup, ranging from super cheapo trendy to undiscovered, over-the-counter Obagi (which I will be testing, don’t you worry about that). The selection of shinypinkgirly is overwhelming, and given that I can’t read much Japanese yet, it takes me an hour to pick out a lipstick. I’m good with it because I love shopping for beauty gear and goods. I’ve accepted my addiction.

Here are a few picks from my latest pit stop:


1. Canmake Glossyholic Lip 7, Red Apple: I love red lips. I look crazy with red lips. It’s my personal tragedy. The only true red lip I can rock is Armani’s red lip pencil, which I believe is discontinued now. Double tragedy. But this berry gloss gives a sexy pop of color without making me look like a member of the Insane Clown Posse.

2. Cezanne Lip Pencil, No.1: A coral shade with more of an orange undertone, this one is begging for summer color. My current skin tone is too yellow to pull this off right now, but I think I’ll dig it once I get a bit of sun.

3. Fasio Zero Expert UV Concealer, No.2: I usually shy away from less expensive foundations and concealers but this one caught my eye and for about ¥1000 I figured give it a shot. It’s SPF 35, waterproof (hello summer) and the warm beige was a perfect match. My Laura Mercier palette concealer is a bit clunky in my makeup bag, so this is my go-to-on-the-go stick. Once it’s set with powder it stays put. Surprised at the quality… I’ll buy it again.

4. Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge Lipstick, RD-5: I’m coming out of a tinted lip balm phase and trying a slightly dressier look for daytime. I blame it on Tokyo. Even with full face I felt like a dirty hippie, so taking it up a notch was the next logical choice. This is a natural mauve/plum shade, slightly glossy, and has a nice slip to it, which for me is key—the reason I stopped wearing lipstick was many brands were either super dry, perma-stain, or worse… slid off after two seconds.

Japanese Lipstick Swatches

5. Canmake Powder Highlighter, No. 5: I bought this mini-compact, by accident actually, I was looking for a loose setting powder because my liquid highlighter was sliding a little. I love this on it’s own… pale pearl sheen without crazy sparkle, gives your cheekbones a pick up without making you look like Tinkerbell. And it was super cheap—around ¥600.

6. Super cute Chihuahua nail buffer I got in a ladies’s kit at a hotel. Japanese details=magic.

Note: The Glossyholic does have sparkle to it, so I only wear it when I’m feeling especially feisty. Which lately, has been pretty much every day. Summer is coming soon!

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