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A Few Beauty Tool Box Essentials

I like to think of myself as a minimalist in training. After years of hording books, shoes, clothes, and cosmetics, I’m trying to focus on keeping only the things I truly want and need… things I’ll appreciate every day.

Here are some of the tools I use everyday, from budget to youpaidWHAT? Most of them are old standards… but I did discover a new love this week (for under $7.00 USD!).


1) Laura Mercier for Tweezerman
My makeup artist friend Maria Lee is a huge Laura Mercier fan. In fact, most MUAs I know really love Laura’s quality. She talked me into getting this a couple of years ago and I’m still thrilled with it. The round grip makes all the difference in the world.

2) Japonesque Pro Concealer Brush
Japoneque has always rocked my socks. I’ve seen their tools and brushes on so many MUA table I had to copy cat and get a few of my own… this one is a multi-purpose super tool. The slightly rounded synthetic bristles lay down concealer like a dream. This brush is also great for priming eyes or laying down cream shadows.

3) Giorgio Armani Blender Brush
This was a splurge for me. A makeup brush over 50 USD means you’re entering a world of hyper-awesome beauty-ness… or you’re just a hard core beauty junkie. I love the blunt cut of this sable brush for laying down color evenly, and it blends cream highlighter in perfectly.

4) Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
The gold standard in lash curlers. I knew I was dependent when I lost my makeup bag a couple months ago and immediately went out and bought a new one—like literally within the hour. They’re much cheaper here in Japan, but even at 20 USD, it’s a smart buy for anyone with eyelashes.

And my last pick…


5) Chasty Metallic Mascara Comb
I avoided eyelash combs forever because the tines were always too narrow for freshly my primed and tubed lashes. This “wide tooth” comb by Chasty has a 1.2 mm tine width so you can comb through your mascara without creating a goopy lash-disaster. It folds up nicely to protect the times and at 700JPY (less than seven bucks) I’m hooked.

Let me know what your MUSTS are right now… always looking to play with new gadgets!




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