Photoshoot 101: The Best Hair Extensions Ever

If you’ve read any of my stuff about getting into modeling, you know having range is super key. Being able to show a variety of looks grows your chances of booking work exponentially, and this makes your agency super happy, because they can submit you for a ton of jobs. Here’s the math:

Looks/Jobs=Range= Happy Agent 


Anyway– I’ve used extensions in shoots, pretty much from the beginning. In L.A., actresses always bring a “big bag of hair” to set for the stylist to play with, if they need them. They’re just a good thing to have in your set bag arsenal.


Mine were BEAT UP– I’ve washed, dyed, and torn through my old set for years, and was due for replacements, when Irresistible Me  approached me and asked if I’d like to test theirs out. I am so lucky to get review samples, but if I’m seriously going to write about a product, I always have a few questions.

Q: Are they human hair?

Because synthetic extensions are no bueno. You can’t dye, curl, or flat iron them, which, for a model, means they’re not really helpful.

A: Yep! 100% Remy human hair.

Q: Can I see the weft clips?


Weft clips are super important. If you’re investing a couple bucks in good extensions, the clips have to be heavy duty– you’re going to be putting them in and taking them out a lot, so details like weight, stitching, and hardware all add up to quality and durability. IM’s clips are the good ones… like the ones MUAS get at the cosme supply.

Here’s my real head, no editing or retouching. No idea what I’m looking at.  real-hair



I’m wearing #4 Royal Medium Brown, 200 grams weight. These are no joke– a serious luxe set of wefts, and the color matched my hair perfectly! The cool part for me is my hair is ombre right now, so when I put these in, my actual hair just blended into natural highlights.


Overall, I’m really impressed with these extensions— I’m going to wear them out this week to a couple of events and see how they hold up. As of now… I’m so ready to shoot!



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