New Year News!

Wow. It has been an excellent year so far, and we’re just getting started. I’m beyond pleased to announce that I’m the new Senior Editor for DHC Skincare, America. The role makes a lot of sense for me, considering I’ve been obsessed with both natural and Japanese skincare for eons. DHC is absolutely huge in Japan and adored by some of the best beauty bloggers and MUAS in the world.


I’ll be contributing a great deal to the creative side of the brand in America, and overseeing the print content as well. Plus, I’ll be representing the company at events and conferences, so I’ll be part-editor,  part-beauty ambassador. So stay tuned for some cool content on that side of things. Thrilled!

As far as content here goes, the modeling/business advice and travel tips for lady globetrotters isn’t going to change one bit. As always, feel free to ask me anything about getting into the business, photographers, visas in Japan, or starting a new life as a #ladyexpat.

Okay 2015… let’s do this!



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