DIY Makeup Organizer: The Chiyogami Box

Crafty is not my middle name. Sure I like them just fine… but truth is, unless it’s a super easy, fool-proof, anyone can do it kind of thing… my crafts are kind of a mess. Which is why I’m SUPER excited to share this very easy and ridiculously inexpensive way to DIY a simple storage box for your makeup. I went to Daiso and bought:

Chiyogami Box

An unassuming plastic covered container (mer… not cute)

SUPER cute Chiyogami fabric stickers! I’m in love with this stuff.

ALSO cute floral print washi tape This was an afterthought… you’ll see!

Chiyogami is traditional Japanese screen-printed paper, with patterns based on the kimono patterns during the Edo period. These stickers are normally used for scrapbooking, but I fell in love with them and bought the two cutest patterns in the same color family but different patterns (one big, one small).

Chiyogami Box

After I wiped down the box I cut the paper to fit (the backing is graphed for nice straight lines. And very carefully I laid it down. A couple of tips:

  1. The fabric does stretch… it’s a little like pizza dough once you start working with it. You can cut maybe a ¼ inch shorter than your length because the fabric seems to “grow” a bit once you stretch it across the box.
  2. It’s removable! You can adjust it pretty easily if you screw it up.

I did the lid one pattern and the box the other. Because I had a bit of extra of the lid pattern, I cut it down and put it on either end of the box.

Makeup Organization: The DIY Chiyogami Box

After a couple of days, I noticed the edges on the lid looked a little janky to me, so I bought some washi tape and created a border on the lid to finish it off. Plus I think the three pattern composition is more interesting.


Makeup Organization: The DIY Chiyogami Box

Easy, inexpensive, and now my manicure gear has it’s own home.


OH! If you know where to buy more of this sticker paper, please let me know! I’m kind of obsessed with it.


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