Travel Skin Reboot: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Review

Sephora is my danger zone. As a Tokyoite minimalist, I pride myself on not perpetually spending the GDP of Guam on silly stuff, but in Sephora, I seriously lose it. Last week my dad gave me a gift card for my birthday… the perfect green light for a little skincare shopping, which I knew I needed after all the travel I’ve been doing lately.

sephora-haul Fact: travel beats up your skin. Recycled air dries your complexion, and after the long-haul flights to and from San Francisco, my face was ready for a major do-over. My soul friend Chelsi turned me on to the best product ever (I love recommendations!) Meet Dr. Dennis Gross and his magic Alpha Beta Peel.

SFO no makeup

At SFO for another 5500 miles. No editing, almost no makeup– I’m so sorry, face.


Starting at 15.00 USD. Buy it here.

 Key ingredients:

  • AHA (Alpha Hydroxyl Acid)**
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Witch Hazel
  • Retinol

The Gross peel is a two-step process. Step one is the deep clean acid sweep, step two is the retinol treatment. Step one tingles quite a bit, no burning and it’s not unbearable at all. You wait two minutes before you do step two, which seems to calm it all down. It’s quick and easy—most peels and masks I use take a minimum of 20 minutes— I have pretty hearty skin so I can do this one before my makeup in the morning.

Result: Instant traveler skin reboot. My skin was tight and smooth and my little forehead lines disappeared. Because it comes in small, pre-prepped treatment pads, it’s great for travel (no clunky bottles or spillage issues!) I bought ten treatments and will do two a week for the next five weeks. I’ll do a follow up on my findings! 

** Any acid peel requires a patch test—some can fry your skin if they’re not taken off right away. This peel also contains AHA which means you have to be careful with sun exposure—your skin can be more sensitive to the sun. So use sunscreen!

I seriously love recommendations… what’s your favorite peel or travel beauty product?


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