Get Camera Ready

Get Camera Ready

When you’re starting out in modeling and acting (or even when you’ve been doing a while), you’ll do a few low-budget shoots. Maybe it’s a for-fun test shoot, maybe you’re an extra on a big budget film… or maybe it’s a big role in a local indie film. These shoots there’s going to be limited production resources (time, money… or both!), so you might be asked to come to set “camera ready.” So what does that mean exactly?

Keep it Simple

In simple terms, you have to come with your hair and makeup done, to the point if the director called you on set straight away, they could shoot you and you’d look great, or a MUA can step in and have you ready in under ten minutes. Camera ready requires more makeup than your everyday look, with a few minor changes. Here are a few tips to get your ready for your close up.

Camera Ready Kit

1) Ben Nye Neutral Set Setting Powder, 2) Smashbox Photo Finish 3) Cover FX Blotting Power 4) Amazing Concealer 5) L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara 6) Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

No UV… Yeah I Said It.

Makeup artists will tell you… UV is a no no for photo shoots. Don’t freak—but moisturizer with UV protection doesn’t work under heavy lights and flashes. Sunscreen is designed to reflect light and can give you “ghost face.”

Don’t Do Dewy

On camera, shine is the enemy. No highlighter, bronzer, luminizer. Nothing frosty or glittery. Fresh foundation—powder is best, and cover up anything dark or red that might show up on camera.

For the Guys:  Go Matte

Gentlemen—buy some photo shoot powder or at least, a matte balm to knock out any shininess on your face. Swipe in on your forehead, nose, and chin. If you’re bald or have a shaved head, put it on your head to knock out any top glare.

Set Your Palette to Neutral

Keep your eyes fresh and natural. Lay down a base and contour color, some soft eyeliner (no cat-eye!) and light mascara. No drama tube mascara, and of course… no fake lashes.

Camera Hair

Clean and polished. No back-coming, no updos, and very little product. Production might want to make changes on set and if your over-sprayed with Texas-high glam tresses… it’s going to be tough. A brushable hairspray is key– L’Oreal Elnet is on almost every set I’ve ever been on- kind of the industry hairspray.

When in Doubt, Ask

Your production coordinator will tell you what the overall look is. Listen, ask questions– it shows you care enough to arrive professional and prepared! And remember bring a touch up kit on set to get you through the day. Being prepared and looking the part lets you focus on the work, and builds your confidence so you can nail it!


Now get out there and break a leg! 




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