Inspire Me: Tiny Living in Tokyo

Recently, I moved into a brand new apartment… (literally- I’m the first tenant!). It’s a gorgeous building and a super cool space. My priority was that it be a nice, new place, not a big place. For me, a bigger space just means I’ll clutter it up with stuff I don’t need, so staying minimal without being boring is my new style goal.

Tiny Living Tokyo

Rug: Lamp: Hat Boxes: Succulents: Trolley: Table:

Here are some rules I follow for tiny living:

Minimal works in minimal– a tiny apartment likes clean lines… the midcentury is a great look to consider for a micro-apartment. Covered storage is key. Baskets are fine, but nested boxes or hat boxes look so much more elegant and hide all of my odds and ends. Color! Small spaces are dying for color– I love this rug from IKEA. It will separate my sofa area from my futon area and give a little interest to the room. Low light. Japanese overhead lighting is rough on the eyes… small globe lights give a soft glow and instantly warms up a baby room.

If you have tips or blogs you like on tiny living… let me know! I’m always looking for new ideas!



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