Japanese Hair Color: Blaune by Kao Review

In Japan, at-home hair color kits rock. They’re inexpensive (just like the States) and come in a huge variety of colors (just like the States), but because they’re all formulated for Asian hair, the colors really saturate and last a long time (at least in my experience). Today I tried a new one that isn’t reviewed often, but if you can get your hands on it, you should check it out: Blaune.

Blaune Hair Color

Blaune is from Kao, the makers of the Liese product line (that I also really like). These are inexpensive drugstore lines that are for everyday use, but I’m always impressed with the quality when I compare to drugstore stuff at home. The Blaune hair color is no different– kinds of reminds me of L’Oreal’s Feria.

I can’t go crazy with my hair color because of audition restrictions,  but I wanted something with a bit more red in it for winter—5P… like a dark-brown plum.

Blaune Color Chart

The color scale says it’s Pure Dark Brown, but also on the pink side of the scale (pink? Eeek.) Ash colors are extremely popular in Tokyo, lots of younger girls rock the ash blond hair really well but I’m pretty sure these colors would make me look like a ghost.

Blaune application

Anyway– the kit is your standard at home kit: pour the color into the developer and apply. The cool thing about this kit is the applicator—it’s a foam atomizer that creates a super-thick foam that doesn’t drip—at all. I had zero mess, which for me is kind of impossible.

Me Blaune 5P

me blaune outside

Um… do you see plum? I see no plum. Indoor and outdoor photos are all plum-free.

Because I can’t read Japanese very well, I really rely on the packages to be accurate, which makes me a little helpless. The actual color my hair became isn’t anything like the package! It’s super dark brown with no  “pink.” Maybe a little in the sun but nothing like I’d imagined in my post-color hair fantasy. As far as hair experiements go I’m pleased: it’s shiny and lovely and looks like I went to a salon… but not the color I was shooting for.

Verdict? It’s easy to use– zero mess. And I like the formula a lot (I was overdue for some color…) but I need to figure out this color scale and try again in six weeks. I also need to sign up for language school.






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