Japanese Organic Makeup: Naturaglace Review

To be sure… I love all the pretty Japan makes. The formulas are generally spot-on, and when I can find colors that suit my “non-Asian but still ethnically ambiguous palette” * I am generally super thrilled. As a whole, drugstore makeup is more expensive here than in the States, but the quality, variety, and color range is also WAY better too.

All of that said—I’ve noticed that while there are a metric ton of Japanese cosmetic options—the organic options made here are just a sliver of the market. I asked a Japanese co-worker what she recommended for organics—and in true form, she came back to me with brochures and samples (so sweet! Thanks H!) This is the one the ladies here like: Naturaglace.

100% natural

  • No parabens
  • No synthetics
  • High SPF (yay summer!)
  • Moderately priced

And pretty freaking lovely to boot. And made down the road in Kanagawa!

Here’s what I sampled…

Naturaglace UV Base Milk, SPF 43 (PA++)


Naturaglace Make-up Cream SPF 30 (PA ++)


Le Result:

I’ll admit… when I first applied the Base Milk I thought, “NO PHOTOS TODAY.” The high SPF of this product gave my skin a very masky glow (and not a good glow… more like a ghost glow).  But I wanted to give it a fair shot. I then applied the Make-up Cream (I added a bit of liquid bronzer because the sample was too light for my olive complexion) and finished with a light dusting of powder, a little highlighter, and nude eyes. The coverage is SUPER sheer, so I built it up around my chin and nose and spot concealed as needed.

At first I wasn’t super blown away… until I went to run errands and caught my face in a mirror. My skin looked SO SMOOTH. Really even, poreless coverage. YAY! Natural makeup that works!


(Not the most flattering photo, but I wanted you to see how even the coverage is. And yes I fixed my eyebrow before leaving the house!)

This is a great sunny day product—it’s sheer and lightweight, and the major sun protection kind of makes it a no-brainer. Add a little bronzer, some mascara, and a tinted lip balm and you’re set! I’m going to play with this line and update this post as I learn more about it. But at first use… it’s a keeper. Check out the line at Rakuten!

(product shots courtesy of naturaglace.jp)


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