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Japan’s Answer to Nars: Addiction By Ayako

I’m such a sucker for cool packaging, and an even bigger sucker for cool compacts. This past summer I stumbled onto Addiction when I was browsing around, and found these insane limited edition pre-mades, screen printed with Basquiat designs.

addiction basquiat summer

addiction summer basquiat

Summer collection. Limited edition. They sold out in less than a month. No crowned dinosaurs for me. I moved on.

Then, a few weeks ago, I received a gift certificate to a fancy department store in Tokyo, where of course, I blew the whole thing and then some on new product (I got some Shu too, but that’s for another post!) . I decided to give Addiction a small test drive.

Addiction by Ayako

These were the two things I really needed: a new bronzer (my Mac baked minerals has toootally hit pan) and a fall red lip color.

The bronzer isn’t really a bronzer (they don’t bronze in Japan, Kogal girls aside)  is really a dark brown blush with no shimmer, but it’s not completely matte either… slightly satiny is the best way to describe it. It’s super finely milled (like a lot of Japanese powders I’m noticing) gives a very subtle glow in a true tan tone—no orangey brown. I’ve just started using it—like, this morning—but I l do like the quality and the subtlety of the color. (I know you can’t see it very well in my swatch- my arms are always pretty dark.)

Addiction by Ayako swatches

The winner was really the lip crayon—I love chubby pencils like Nars’, but this one is in a case so there’s no sharpening mess. And the packaging is very minimal: thin, black, sleek font… just like Nars. Herm…


addiction by ayako

Oh hey fun fact: Did I mention Ayako was the creative director for Nars before she took on Addiction? Great quality, refined palettes, minimal brand: think it’s safe(ish) to say Addiction is Japan’s Nars. Either way—it’s awesome.

Addiction by Ayako I’m wearing Saffron– the color is a true deep, slightly brick-y red. No orange (like you’d think saffron would look!) I’m a little scared of and obsessed with red right at the moment—but finding a color I feel I can pull off has been tough ever since Armani discontinued their dark red lip pencil (still not over it). But… I think I’ve found a winner!

Addiction is a brand I’ll continue to check out, and see what other Nars-y connections I can find. In the meantime, you can check it out just about anywhere in Tokyo, or if you’re in the States, buy it here.

Okay… back to Christmas shopping (that’s not for me)!


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