Life of an Expat- The Beauty of Hoi An

Just another day in the life of an expat in Japan.

Another benefit of living in Japan is the proximity to other awesome countries. This week I’m in Hoi An, Vietnam, writing a story for SavvyTokyo and getting in a bit of rest. It’s only been a couple of days but it’s really hard to miss how beautiful everything is in this town. One of my personal hopes is to improve my photography skills. Hoi An is the perfect workshop.

Hoi An is a small town on the central coast of Vietnam, about 30 minutes from DaNang. Less popular than frenetic Ho Chi Minh and more commercial than rural Hanoi, Hoi An has deep history in craft culture.  hoi-an-silver

Everyone is making something. Everyone is selling something. Silver, ceramics, silks, lanterns. Yes it’s touristy. And oh my yes it is lovely. I’m going to get back to vacation, but here are a few snaps I’ve taken thus far.


Lanterns aglow, Hoi An Night Market


17th century door, Old House Quan Thang


Artist Duong Tramuu (first name pronounced Yung). Simple ink on rice vellum. I caught an instant art crush on him and bought two. I’ll mount and frame them once I’m back in San Francisco. He’s showing at the An Phuc Gallery in Ancient Town. Worth a look.

Beauty is everywhere in this charming little place. It’s hard to get anywhere because I stop every 2 meters to take photos. And there’s still so much to see!


white-beard-hoi-an IMG_6010 copy

There is always more to see, isn’t there?


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