Falling Leaves & Cozy Layers…

When I lived in SF I was a ModCloth-a-holic… all of the girls in my office were. Work let us get our UPS shipments delivered so we didn’t miss our packages and MAN THAT WAS A PROBLEM. Sigh. Anyway I’m in Japan now and hadn’t thought about ModCloth until they chatted with me the other day and said “Hey Cyn… why doncha do a Fall mood board?” I said sure and here’s what I came up with.

Tokyo Autumn by ModCloth and Me


Tokyo right now is a lot like SF– gorgeous weather that’s just starting to turn cool here and there. Being a native SFer I know all about layering for weather, and running around all day,so the essentials I came up with include a crossbody bag to stick the hat and scarf in and a cardigan. ALWAYS do I have one from about November to March. Because warm is easy– just shed a layer and you’re fine. But you can’t escape cold. And that’s a drag and a half.

I also like a smaller bag in a bigger bag combo– especially in Tokyo. There are coin lockers at train stations, so you can leave your big bag and shedded layers and go to dinner/drinks/whateva with just a clutch… which is appreciated in the tinier restaurants and bars. Plus it just feels a little less like you’re moving in when you go to meet someone. I’m all for simple. 🙂

I also noticed that Modcloth has free shipping for us if we spend 150.00 USD… which is super easy to do. And with Japan Post being just about as convenient as UPS deliveries at the office… I’m in trouble yet again. ARGH.

Anyway– it was fun playing virtual dress up MC… thanks for the invite! Cynthia <3

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