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Modeling Basics: Working with Child Models

Kids. In the print world, at some point, you might be on a shoot where you have to work with child models and actors. Some might be pros—little grown-ups who know their marks and how to work a camera, but oftentimes, you’re working with children who have little to no experience. For them, and the whole gig can be pretty scary and tiresome. Poor little rascals.

My fake children for a print shoot the little one My “children” for a print shoot. (posted with parents’ ok!)

Working with teens for Playstation

Here are a few thoughts and ideas on working with children. 1) Get to know them ASAP. As soon as you’re able, establish a repoire with the children. There might be a set teacher helping them with homework, but if their all playing games between shoots, try and hang out and have a little fun with them. Developing a fast-friend working relationship helps immensely when it’s time for action.

In-store promotion early in my career. I play the “Wholesome Mom” quite a bit.

2) Spend a little time with the guardian/parent. Stage moms and stage dads will usually chat you up immediately, but if it’s a first time shoot, they might be a little nervous themselves. Be friendly, ask questions, and take a genuine interest in working with their kid(s). It makes any “freak-outs” by the kids much easier to manage when the parent knows you a bit and feels comfortable stepping in and calming things down.

Me and my “kids” for IKEA Japan

3) They’re co-workers, not props! I personally think the key to working with any actor or model on a shoot is respect. By showing respect– that means not directing them, not ignoring them between takes, and being warm and approachable notonly makes the shoot go much smoother, but also demonstrates to them, the parents, and the crew that you’re a consummate professional. Respect on set is SO appreciated by everyone and gets you asked back for future work. Most importantly, it makes the shoot fun!

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