Tip# 387: Staying Organized: Your Modeling Portfolio and Talent Reel

Had a request tonight to send my package (resume, modeling portfolio, talent reel, bio, lalala) for a submission and COULD NOT FIND MY REEL.

I dig through my desktop, folders, google drive, FB… electronically looking under the bed to no avail.

If you’re starting out, you probably have a folder on your desktop with the shoots listed… lots of unnamed photos, the photos you like have been copied and filtered and resized for whatever hot social media dealie you need, etc. Do this for a few years though… and you have thousands of photos. EVERYWHERE. Video snips. Behind the scenes photos with the cute key grip. Errr. What was I talking about?

Stay organized. Have folders for each shoot, with hi res, low res, edited and raw shots all marked. Have a folder for just your portfolio shots and KEEP IT UPDATED–toss the old ones into an archive and add fresh ones to get things live. (And keep the behind the scenes photos elsewhere. Trust me I had an IT moment… I’ll save that story for another day…)

Just so I don’t lose it again… I’m putting it here. That’s how bad I’ve been lately with organizing my work. Don’t be me.

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