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Moody Blues: NYX Eyeliner Review

In spite of the fact I think makeup is super fun and I’m completely obsessed with skincare, I definitely have my fallback routine, which I fall back on an awful lot. I’m busy! I work! I need a fast, polished look that doesn’t take 30 minutes to put together. But it’s time to change it up with some new color.

NYX eyeliner

I picked up the NYX Retractable Eyeliner in Deep Blue during my trip home in San Francisco. I also stocked up on my favorite mascara, but decided to try the L’oreal Voluminous False Fiber in Brown Black for a subtle alternative.

NYX review

So here’s the thing: My look is pretty classic—my features are small and don’t hold a ton of makeup really well, lest I look like little girl who broke into her Mom’s makeup drawer. So I opted for a pearl nude eye (using my new Shu cream eyeshadow…swoon) with a bold navy cat.

NYX blue eyeliner

voluminous mascara

Verdict? I love the mascara, but I haven’t tried to take it off yet—one of my top reasons for being obsessed with Beauty Tubes is that there is zero mess when it comes off… the tubes just slide off your lashes. “No panda,” as they say here.

I love the color of the NYX (I did layer on a navy shadow from the Victoria Secret Glam kit my sister gave me for Christmas—even though the NYX is waterproof I want to make sure I’m not a indigo mess by tonight.)


Whattya think? I like it—kind of an update on the usual look. It’s a little bolder in person but still very wearable for everyday.  Let’s see how it holds up!






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