My Weird-ish Beauty Rituals

You ever read the beauty blogs and see the crazy DIY-homemade-all-natural treatments and wonder if they work, or are just a sick sociological scam to get you to put weird crap on your face? Yeah me too, but I try them anyway. Here are a few I actually do on a regular basis and really like, because they totally work.

Coffee Ground Exfoliator

They (whoever they are) say that coffee grounds stimulate circulation when you use them as a body scrub, improve leg texture and tone, and make your skin smooth. I was like “wha??” then I tried it and I have to admit, after about a week or so I really noticed a difference in how my skin felt. I also feel like it’s a good prep for leg shaving. Now I keep a container of the day before’s coffee grounds (YES) in my shower. I do this first so I don’t smell like a Tall Drip all day. But it’s free and it works.

Almond Oil 

It’s a massage/carrier oil for aromatherapy (which I also happen to love) but I use this stuff for everything. Mix it in equal parts with witch hazel for an awesome eye makeup remover. Put it in the ends of your hair and braid it for an overnight fried-hair treatment. Slather it everywhere after your coffee scrub for suuuuper soft skin. Use it in place of cuticle oil for your manicure (no petroleum, yay!). It’s been hard to find in Japan, but I buy mine through Love. And not so weird.

Egg on Your Face

Facial in a bear.

Facial in a bear.

This one I learned from beauty guru and eternal ray of sunshine Kandee Johnson. Again, simple, cheap, effective.

  • Egg: naturally tightens pores REALLY well. Separate the egg white and beat it until it’s frothy.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: restores skin ph. I use lemon witch hazel which accomplishes the same thing. Just a dash… Kandee measures everything out but nobody got time for that.
  • Honey: Fights bacteria and minimizes wrinkles. I always have honey at home. Again, just a small dollop is perfect.

Mix all of this together and brush it on your face. Wait about 15 minutes, and you’ll notice your skin getting SUPER tight. You’ll know it’s dry when you can’t move your face. Wash it off and bask in the smooooothness that is your new egg-ed face.

Go Fuzz Free (a.k.a. Derma-plane-ing)

The fancy electric version

The fancy electric version

This was one of the best/weirdest tips I’ve ever snagged from a makeup artist, and apparently Japanese women have been doing it for years. If you have any fine fuzz on your face (I’m not saying you have a beard—you know what I mean…) get rid of it. Waxing, threading, tiny Japanese-girl face shavers (I used them way before I came to Japan)… whatever means I can get rid of it, I do. Keeping your skin as smooth as possible lets products absorb quicker, makes exfoliating more effective, and creates a super smooth canvas for makeup. If you have sensitive skin, thread or use the JP shavers, but if you can take it, get your face waxed and you’ll see what I mean. Threading is my personal favorite, but is hard to find in Tokyo. Luckily waxing is pretty much everywhere, and female face shaving is kind of huge here.

One reader emailed me his green tea leaf man-skin routine… it’s on my to-do list. If you have any weird, interesting, unlikely beauty tips I want to know about them.

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