A Healthy, Naked Face: The No Makeup Look

In my quest to perfect the “No Makeup Look” for summer, I’ve tried several combos of foundations, BB’s primers, and concealers and figured out a few things that work on me. This is an unedited photo after I did my makeup this morning… which took me about ten minutes since the only eye makeup I’m wearing is brown mascara (Loreal Voluminous… MUAs love this stuff!)


NML Rule #1 Less Product, Better Product

Makeup, it turns out, often looks like makeup when you put it on. Shocker, I know! But if you cover every little discoloration and spot, as tempting as it may be, you might as well go all the way with the eyes and lips too because your perfectly covered face is kind of a giveaway that you’re concealing your skin. I discovered 24h Cosme (super popular, all-natural cosmetics line) while randomly shopping for epsom salts the other day* and fell in love.

Check this one out:


24h Cosme Stick Cover Foundation (I’m using #2)

  • All-natural, chemical-free and additive-free
  • Contains jojoba oil, aloe extract and Vitamin E
  • SPF 50 PA+++ for maximum sun protection

Because the coverage is reallllly good and the formula stays put, I really just use it on my nose, chin and eyes. Blend with my Armani Foundation blender, and NO POWDER. This isn’t a matte look. I pat a dry sponge all over my face before using cheekbone highlighter and bronzer. No blush.

What I used:

Too Cool For School Highlighter in Clubber (I’m almost out– addicted to this stuff!) It’s a subtle sheen that makes a world of difference.



Addiction Bronzer… addiction-bronzer

Addiction anything, really. This is an amazing Japanese product line.


I finished with a neutral lip liner (I stained my lips, no outline) and added my absolute favorite lip balm by natural Japanese company, Daily Delights (デイリーディ). It’s shiny and sexy and healthy. LOVE. I’m still on Peach Melba but am thinking these would be perfect in a gift box I’m making for someone back home. An excuse to try something new!


So bottom line:

1) Use awesome, high-quality, preferably all-natural products in small doses. 2) Take pristine care of your skin so you don’t need much to begin with!

Let me know your favorite natural cosmetics… I’m on a massive research bender for the good stuff.


(PS: Epsom salts– a lot of wellness experts swear by salt baths… too bad you can’t find them anywhere in Japan!)

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