Okay Seriously. Is Snail Goo Good For You?

Snails. It’s the ongoing skincare controversy. Depending on the source, you’ll hear the following in various beauty reports:

Snail mucus:

snail_icon  is loaded with glycolic acid and natural antibiotics that gently resurface skin and reduce scarring,

snail_icon  is anti-aging because it stimulates collagen production in human skin,

snail_icon  contains antioxidants and elastin which improve skin texture and overall health,

snail_icon  is just a marketing ploy by beauty companies to get you to buy product.

Hermmm. I had to investigate. Here’s what I bought, both the higher end and drugstore products:

Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream


I have to say I love my skin after using Missha. The next day my skin feels supple and looks brighter. I haven’t tested it long term, but it did seem to clear up weirdness when I first moved to Japan and now that I’m out, I’m kind of missing it.

Drugstore masks are incredibly popular in Asia and sell literally by the millions. Here’s what I tested, and what I’m going to compare.

Okay this one I’m scared to use. 1) It’s just so silly and 2) What if I really like it? This is what I’ll look like.


At about 100 yen this was the cheapest of the group. It made my skin feel nice, but a lot of masks do that. temporarily.  Nothing earth shattering here. You can find Pure Smile masks EVERYWHERE Japan and they make pretty much every flavor you can imagine. Except chocolate.


Okay this one I liked. I bought this at a Korean beauty shop in Harajuku, where I get my citrus tea and other Korean goodies from Etude House. It’s not the Missha cream, but I’ll use this one again. I think about 300 yen? It was cheap.

Korean snails

My verdict: I don’t thing snail creams are going to reverse time or take the place of actual med-spa resurfacing anytime soon, but as a maintenance product, I do love the Missha cream.  Here’s where I get mine.

I love my new snail icon. Using it forever. snail_icon





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