Products I Love: K- Palette, Kose Fasio, and Primavista

Oh summer, why must you be so temperamental? Unless you go totally naked face, keeping makeup in place is a challenge when you live in a humid climate. Japan is pretty much a sauna until September, so I found a few goodies that stay put and don’t break the bank.


 K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner One Day Tattoo

K Palette Hand

My eyeliner almost never stays on all day, and I’ve been meaning to try this one forever. So glad I did. The super fine point creates the perfect winged cat-eye, and it stays allllll day, even with oily lids or 80% humidity. I use Deep Brown. Get it here.

Kose Fasio Perfect Eyebrow

Fasio Perfect brow


Perfect brow Fasio

This little baby has a fine liquid tip on one end (you can draw individual hairs!) and a shadow tip on the other, so you can sculpt a high-def pinup brow or a super soft natural look. The wet/dry action means you apply then set so it doesn’t fade off into the sunset. For under JPY 1000 it’s a bargain. Buy it here (in Japanese but translates with Google, no problemo).

Primavista Foundation

Primavista Cream Foundation

This doesn’t replaced my beloved Armani, but it has great pigmentation and at about half the cost, I thought I’d give it a shot. Verdict? Seriousl coverage but light enough to not make you look like a clown by 3pm. It has SPF 15 (it says PA +++ but SPF 15 mis mid-coverage, yes?). Because it’s a cream, and my skin prefers oil free, I use a light touch with the MAC 188 and just stipple where I need it, then set with a loose powder. Buy it here.

PS: I’m testing a few foundation/BB products right now and have a sneak peak of Shu’s latest that doesn’t launch for a few weeks… excited to share!





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