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What the Pros Use: Tokyo Makeup Artist Must-Haves

One of the best things about doing photo shoots and commercials is working with makeup artists. They always know the newest, latest, and best, so sitting in the MUA chair becomes a personal interview session- and they always let me take photos of the products I want to research. Even with the language barrier it’s a great time—we all speak makeup. It’s a universal language.

Here are a few MUA- approved products they use on models and actors on a daily basis.

amritara white birch water

Amritara White Birch Moist Water

This stuff smells clean and botanical. Atsuko spritzed my face before toning and moisturizing- the shoot was in the summer and it was hot and sticky out… I loved this one. This would also be great for travel hydration/refresh, and they sell trial sizes—YES.

Key Ingredients:

  • With White Birch Sap
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Hyaluronic acid

It’s available at their website, or at any Cosme Kitchen webstore… (use Google page translator for English!)

Triology Hydrating Mist Toner

Triology Hydrating Mist Toner

She used this one next- great if you’re on the dry side. An alcohol-free toner with rose and geranium extracts. It’s another natural brand that seems to be popular in the Tokyo skincare departments.

Triology is certified natural, which means:

  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly practices
  • No animal testing
  • No synthetic fragrances and colors
  • No GMOs
  • No petroleum
  • No silicone oils

You can buy in online in the US here.

Prime Latte by Cosme Descorte

Prime Latte by Cosme Descorte

This one is a lightweight moisturizer that absorbs instantly. My skin felt incredibly soft and dewy afterward—kind of a wonder product. Between shoots and my own product testing I worry about weird reactions and breakouts- but this is another nature-based product that made my skin really happy. Not to mention a pretty bottle, AND… you can buy it online with free shipping worldwide!

Helena Rubenstein Lash Queen in Cobra Black

Helena Rubenstein Lash Queen in Cobra Black

HR is super popular in Japan, and I’ve seen this mascara on every shoot I’ve done here. If there’s one thing Japanese MUAs and women know about—it’s eyelashes. It creates volume and length without being the least bit cakey. It is waterproof—which is another thing I’ve noticed. Waterproof mascara is the default here, and most of them DO NOT COME OFF with a simple remover swipe or washing. I still prefer tube mascara for that exact reason, but if you’re looking for a mascara that does what it says and doesn’t budge… look no further.

You can get it here.

Kryolan Creme Interfernz Eyeshadow Mini Palette

Kryolan Creme Interfernz Eyeshadow Mini Palette

Kryolan is a pro-line most MUAs I’ve worked with use in one way or another. I saw this cream palette and thought “woo- fingerpaint for eyes!” BUT… they’re blendable and buildable and are perfect for when you need eye drama that’ll last through a full day’s shoot. Prime your lids with an extra light cream-based primer to get the truest, most vibrant color. You can use just about anything to apply them (including your fingers) And the bonus: they’re super affordable!

I always think it’s fun to learn what the pros are using– sometimes the discoveries are worth putting in my own kits at home. There are loads of professional shops that let the public buy their goodies. Naime’s, CRC, and MakeupMania are fun to browse, shop, and find inspiration!



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