big russian

Current Obsession: Russian Dolls

For whatever reason, I’ve been noticing Russian dolls in the shops all over Tokyo. I’m guessing it’s likely due to the countries’ proximities and also, because Japan LOVES anything cute. It’s all about the kawaii here, and generally speaking… it’s pretty fun to look at.

Officially called matryoshka dolls, these little wooden nesting boxes are artful, charming, and supposedly have early roots in Japan (according to wikipedia anyway).  In my effort to stay minimal, I don’t see me starting a collection anytime soon, but here are a few items that make me smile… the ring in particular is cool (I love big rings… but that’s for a different obsession post). Click on the photo, or here to learn more about my picks (Polyvore isn’t loading for me right now… so weird!).

russian dolls

 I should totally get the ring right? 


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