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Shine On: Soin Vital by Naturena Hair Care

If there’s one area of neglect I have in my beauty routine, it’s my hair. I keep it really simple with my haircut and color because if I’m honest with myself, I know I’m not going to maintain highlights or layers. Long, dark, bangs—it’s the easiest style for my baby fine hair and keeps me from looking like a Furby.

cynthia popper

My hair,

is baby fine, but there’s a lot of it.

has dry ends, but an oily scalp (sigh).

gets abused daily.

generally doesn’t like me. I try not to take it personally.

All of that said—I do try to keep it in decent condition, and I’m obsessed with shine. Dry ends bum me out. Faded color too. Naturea’s Soin Vital Energie Vitale line is designed for beat up or aging hair. With all of the flat ironing and blow drying I do, I’m always down to try something to revive my 1000 year old locks. 

  soin vitale by naturena

Key Ingredients/Points:

  • Sunflower oil: loads of vitamin E, which is great for hair strength
  • Lebanese cedar buds: naturally boost cell production
  • Magnolia bud extract: stimulates circulation
  • It has a low pH (less than 6.5), making it slightly acidic. (This might sound bad, but it actually adds shine and helps to preserve your color.)

The first thing I always notice about any shampoo is the smell. If it’s too flowerly or overly fragrant I automatically assume it’s cheap and leaving residue on my head (I don’t know why I think that, I just do). Soin’s has a clean, botanical scent that reminds me of Rene Furterer or Phyto, two high-end hair care lines I absolutely love. It rinses clean and doesn’t strip your hair. I’m trying not to wash my entire head every day— just the scalp and bangs, then I condition the rest daily. (I know… I claim to be low maintenance. Sigh. I’m kind of a liar sometimes.)

Anyway—the Soin Vital Hair Mask was even more awesome. Sometimes hair masks leave my hair in great condition but it’s almost too much—my hair gets really limp if I leave it on too long. Soin’s is perfect for fine hair—it coats and nourishes and leaves your hair silky, not slimey or flat. I was immediately impressed with this one.

But for me, the proof is in the blowout. SHINY SHINE. My hair was so flipping shiny afterward it didn’t even matter if I did it or not (messy hair is in, right?).

Verdict: I’m a low maintenance hair girl. Soin’s line is going to keep my hair in check so I don’t have to. Winner. Here’s the JP link

Disclaimer: All products c/o for this review, but I don’t write about a c/o unless I really like it and want to share!

Have a good blow out!






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