Splurges and Steals: Best Japanese Makeup for Fall 2013

SWOON. Okay Shu Uemura has completely gone over the top for Holiday 2013 with the most lovely little palette, designed by none other than Takashi Murakami. SIGH.

The collection was created to commemorate Shu’s 30th anniversary, and consists of 19 pieces, of which only 14 will be available in the U.S.. While the entire run is pure magic, the two palettes are seriously makeup works of art.

My favorite: The Heat-full Pink Parallel  Palette

Shu Uemura Holiday

photo: http://www.shuuemura-usa.com/

  1. Pressed Eyeshadow – Iridescent White
  2. Pressed Eyeshadow – Iridescent Yellow
  3. Silk Smooth Eyeshadow – Dark Brown
  4. Pressed Eyeshadow – Glittery Pearl Light Pink
  5. Pressed Eyeshadow – Iridescent Pink
  6. Silk Smooth Eyeshadow – Reddish Brown
  7. Silk Smooth Eyeshadow – Orange
  8. Glow On – Pearl Deep Pink

Shu is a splurge, but sooo seriously worth it. This  palette is screaming Fall COME LOVE ME NOW. Argh!

But… on the steal side of things, Visee and Fasio both launched some serious plum love for Fall 2013. And at under 1500JPY… I’m all over it.

Visee Glossy Rich Eye Palette PK-3

Visee Glossy Rich Eye Palette PK-3

Visee Glossy Rich Eye Palette PK-3

Pale pink, warm peach. cranberry, choco-plum (my descriptions, not Visee’s 😛

Normally I’m not the frosty pinky type- but this kit doesn’t go bananas with the glittery sheen… it’s very soft and makes a great highlighter. And the plummy brown is a perfect setter for the eyeliner.

Visee Color Impact Gel Liner PU100

Not that you really need to set this liner—I always follow the “set wet with dry” rule, but this stuff STAYS PUT. Even when I took this swatch shot and went to wash it off with facial cleanser, the liner required actual remover to get off. A good thing if you ask me… I hate wandering eyeliner!

Fasio Airy Stay Rouge (エアリースイルーヅユ) in RO620

Rich plum color with a pinky-blue undertone, this one is super wearable and not gothy at all. Gives the color you need with a bit of edge.

Visee and Fasio swatches

Swatch it up (left to right): palette colors: Choco-plum, pale pink, warm peach, cranberry; Visee gel plum liner; Fasio lip color

I’ve been wearing glosses forever and recently have made the switch back to lipstick. I love the new matte looks, but I can’t help but feel like my lips are super dry now. Anyone else have this problem? I’m lip scrubbing in the shower and using a super rich lip treatment pre-makeup, which is helping. Maybe it’s just the weather, or because I’ve been sick lately. Herm…

Anyway- Fall colors are the bomb. I want to find a plum pen liner, which in Japan, seems to be kind of impossible. I’ll be making my US stock up list soon when I go home for the holidays. ☺


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