Steam Cream

Smell Awesome Now: SteamCream

A cool side benefit to working in media (both in front of the camera as well as beauty blogging) is that I get a lot of product recommendations that are tailored to what might work for me. Not long ago, a reader suggested I check out a Japanese cream that’s for everyone and does everything. It’s organic, effective, and works on everything: face, body, and hair? Hair? I took one look at the website and was hunting it down at the Takashimaya Mall in Shinjuku the next day. This, my friends, is SteamCream.


Yes—the packaging instantly sold me on at least trying it. (And I mean instantly- look these designs… immediately collectable…) It’s no secret that I love beautiful packaging… and I REALLY love reusable packaging. These little tins are perfect for storing little bits of whatever on your makeup table or bathroom.



But the actual product is the hero shot here. Handmade using all vegan, mostly organic ingredients, including:

  • Lavender oil
  • Almond oil
  • Chamomile oil
  • Orange flower water

and loads more in a cocoa butter base. Here’s the clincher… usually cocoa butter is pretty rich, but because Steam Cream is steam processed, the cream is super lightweight and absorbs instantly. The steam process also emulsifies the ingredients in a way that lets them moisturize quickly, so you’re not slick-as-a-seal after applying.


A great gift idea (I gave it to my sister for her birthday and she flipped over it) and it’s a super affordable beauty treat.

Here’s where you can get it in Japan, as well as everywhere else. Oh and guess what? Free shipping worldwide.

I smell awesome. Thanks Hiromi!



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