Modeling Business Basics: The Beauty of Usage

You have to love a job that pays you over and over for the same single day of work. In commercial print modeling, this happens all the time when a contract for usage is renewed. I came home the other day and was sorting through the mail and stumbled upon a sizable check from my agency. I hadn’t shot anything in a while so I was immediately confused until I saw the memo of a client’s name from a shoot I did over a year ago.

Ah the beauty of usage.

It was an ad for a pharmaceutical company. You know the ones you see in magazines, showing happy couples who now enjoy happy sex lives, or the hobby cyclist out on the road again because he can breathe clearly without allergic sneeze fits? I’m in one of those, apparently again, because the campaign was just renewed.

It’s a win win. The client has already tested the ad and knows its efficacy, so there’s no need to reshoot, and the talent wins because she gets to come home to surprise money in the mail, and further exposure in the industry.

It was a fun one too. We shot up in Grass Valley at a beautiful property with a creek in the back. I worked with an actual patient of the product, who thought it would be a walk in the park. Ha!

The shot was in the creek, wading against the current, balancing on slippery rocks and moving toward camera, all while looking calm and relaxed. It was the first shoot I had to wear a wetsuit under wardrobe with, and we had a blast doing it.

San Diego agent Linda Comer gives a nice breakdown on how usage is figured. Knowing usage ahead of time is the usual, but occasionally it’s nice to get a little surprise in the mail!



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