Tiny Living: Decorating in the Moment

My little palace in Tokyo is oh so wonderful… but it when it comes to tiny living decorating, it comes with a few challenges:


  • It’s super modern and brand new, but at under 300 square feet, it’s quite small.
  • As a renter, I can’t use any kind of nail in the walls. One wall does have a picture rail, however… hmmm.
  • I know that it’s not a space I’m going to live in for years and years. For temporary expats here, getting rid of stuff is a bit of a hassle, and discarding large items is very costly in Japan.

My barren walls need some true love, but really, I know there’s only so much I can do. So I’ve been searching for realistic inspiration.


This wire grid is an awesome idea for hanging little photos or jewelry.


Ooh, a patterned wall. This is totally doable with washi tape. This is a goodie…


I love the idea of  leaning a board against the wall for bags and scarves… a great afternoon project.


And this smartie just took a huge corkboard and went to town… I don’t own that much jewelry but this could make for a super fun inspiration board wall… constantly changing? Oooh.

Okay I’m now totally inspired. I need to go measure! If you know of any other amazing tiny living or apartment therapy-esque blogs I should check out, by all means, link away!








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