Beauty Bender Seoul: Who is VDL?

Another cool brand I found on my beauty research trip was VDL cosmetics by Wendy Rowe. There are dozens of cool shops I was strolling down Myeongdong Street, but the wall of facial masks titled “Beauty Trip” made me stop in my tracks. I’m on a beauty trip right now! I must know more.

VDL storefront

VDL (Violet, Dream, Luminous) was born in 2012 by celebrity makeup artist Wendy Rowe (BTW: her instagram is awesome). Her talents can be found in in shoots for Burberry, Vogue, Allure, and Numero, and she’s super popular in Korea. Look at her portfolio and you’ll see: she gets makeup and skincare in a big way.

VDL Lipstick

Her makeup line has unexpected touches: embossed lipsticks (LOVE), and colors named after men (Duke, Channing), and mixable nail colors to make your own custom color. Wendy has a clear understanding of what women want and has created a line that’s super fun, but not over-the-top cutesy. A tough line to walk, especially in Korea!

Being a mask fanatic, I was interested in trying a few of the VDL Beauty Trip masks, and maybe check out a cleanser.  Here’s what I picked up:

Beauty Trip Mask: New Zealand  VDL new zealand

A honey-based sheet mask that leaves your skin soft and silky. I tried this the other night and was impressed in how the texture of my skin had mellowed out after a long day.


Beauty Trip Mask: Korea

This sheet mask has active yeast and is said to improve skin fitness and helps tighten pores. Anything “tightening has my attention” and I’m hoping this one delivers.


VDL Paris Korea

Beauty Trip Mask: Paris

Of course, this mask is red wine based! I’ve used wine masks before… this one offers to refine texture. I feel like wine masks have a deep cleaning effect too. Using this one after my next shoot.

VDL Naked Cream Naked Cleansing Oil Cream

This was the shocker for me. I normally steer clear of cleansing oils because I have oily skin, and no matter what the package promises, I feel like it’s going to make me break out.

First off: this isn’t an oil or a cream… it’s more of a clear, oil-based gel, (so no grease ball party in the bathroom). Second: it smells AMAZING- a clean, slightly floral fragrance. I adore it and want a body wash and cream to go with it. And most importantly, my skin feels clean but not stripped, and even slightly invigorated? Kind of like I just went to the spa. This one is entering my daily routine. LOVE.

You can buy VDL here.

Just when I think I know what my skin wants, I find something new. I love the happy stumble upons.

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