Voice Over Work

Voice Over and the Remote Studio

This is a voice over spot for one of my favorite tech companies, Mindjet :).
Video turned out great too! SO fun to work with these guys. Now that I live in Japan I’m shooting remotely for them with a simple, at-home studio. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to set this up- it’s very basic but still high quality:

Get a Snowball. These are professional-grade, at home microphones you can buy online for less than $100.00. Add a pop filter to smooth out hard P’s and T’s. This set-up is perfect for voice over demos to send to your agent or a client.

Then download Audacity. This is an open source editing platform that’s intuitive and simple to use. Takes a little time to play with, but I produced high-quality demos for Mindjet in under an hour that sounded better than the work we were doing in the San Francisco studio. From Japan. In my pajamas. 🙂

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