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Home for the Holidays: Travel Beauty Essentials

This time of year in Japan, lots of foreigners travel back to their home country to visit family and friends for the holidays. For most of us, that’s a long trip, so I’m prepping now for the inevitable beating my skin is going to take.

makeup bags

The bag: Most of my makeup bags take a serious beating, and I’m long overdue to get a new one. In the meantime, my Marc Jacobs leather kit is going to get me home and back. I’ve been pinning ideas for new ones.

travel kit

Makeup remover cloths: Once I’m settled on the plane and ready to conk out, I always get ready for bed just like I do at home, and that starts by taking off my makeup.

Facial spray: There are loads on the market, but I’m taking lemon witch hazel in a spritz bottle for skin refreshing.

Serum: I have a few sample bottles of Dior’s Capture Totale– perfect for in-flight hydration.

Lip Balm: Skin and lips get parched on th plane, so I’m testing this Peach melba lip balm from Daily Delights (c/o Glossybox Japan).

Sleep Gear: A slumber mask, ear plugs… the usual stuff to help knock out light and sound. I stock up on these at the 100 yen shop.

Toothbrush: I always have a one on me!

Other goodies I like to travel with:

A cute, seasonal hat: My hair is a nightmare after a flight, so I don’t even try. A ponytail in-flight, and hat’s on rolling through the arrival gate to look reasonably put together. I’m eyeing this one right now, but might just stick with a beanie for easy packing.

Nail polish pads: because chipped polish makes me CRAZY. One of my beauty peeves!

Travel candles: I love candles and a little scented travel one is nice for wherever you land. I want this one by Diptyque…

Notebooks: I have a million for jotting down ideas and sketching out visuals. Japan sells the cutest ones ever!


Okay… now I just need to do my Christmas shopping, find my passport, pack, and figure out how to get to the airport, then I’ll be good to go! EEK.


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